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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2025 and 2026

Constitution Day is one of the largest holiday celebrations in Norway. This holiday commemorates the signing of the Norwegian Constitution on 17 May 1841, when the country declared its independence from Sweden. Over time, however, this day has become a celebration of the youth and culture of Norway as well.

202517 MaySatConstitution Day
202617 MaySunConstitution Day
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Constitution Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the entire country. There are parades in every district of the country that are filled with marching bands and groups of children. Children participating in the parades are either with their school classes or with groups that they have activities with, showing off their skills.

A large part of the parade is showing off the “Russ” students. Russ students are in their last year of school and will be leaving for university the following year. After 13 years of school, the Russ are celebrated and acknowledged with special placement in the parades. Everyone cheers as they walk by, and the Russ students hand out mock business cards with jokes on them to the crowd. Since Constitution Day is so near their graduation date, it is almost considered a beginning celebration of their final exams and graduation.

One of the traditions associated with Constitution Day is attending the parade dressed in a Bunad. A Bunad is a broad term that means “traditional clothing” in Norway. The clothing is generally the type of clothes worn from the different areas of Norway from the 18th and 19th centuries, with most clothing representing rural dress in that time. This has been a fun tradition that keeps growing each year.

Previous Years

202417 MayFriConstitution Day
202317 MayWedConstitution Day